Celebrated 25 years of Industry presence & growth in 2020.

AGL group of companies celebrated 25 years of Industry presence & growth in 2020.

As part of fostering the team spirit and to celebrate the 25th Anniversary year, AGL organised a day trip for the entire team and their families to a resort in Delhi-NCR.

It was the management way of showing gratitude to the team and their family to support the organisation, in difficult and challenging times. The day event in a relaxed environment was a mix of formal & informal events.  The formal event included facilitating team members with Long Service Awards. All the team mates having a tenure of 10 + years were facilitated by the Top Management in presence of their family members. It was a moment of pride for all of them to be facilitated, applauded and rewarded monetarily as well. Group and Family pictures, Cheers & Small note speeches filled the space with positive aura. Play time included family games for ladies, children, dancing to the beats of the DJ music by all, and savoring widespread drinks & dishes served. All other stations in AGL celebrated their own way on similar lines at their locations. It was an event of emotional bonding & team spirit.