Temperature Control Transportation / Packaging

Whether you are looking to move perishable goods, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, or anything requiring steady temperature protection, rely on Aargus Global Logistics.
Aargus Global Logistics understands the technical requirements of transporting temperature controlled cargo. We will properly monitor and transport our customers’ freight at the required temperature.
Our team are trained on properly transporting temperature-controlled freight. We have established operating procedures for managing the cold-chain transportation process.
Our fleet is equipped with the best technology such as:

  • Space saver trailers specifically designed to maximize interior capacity .
  • Thermo King refrigeration units capable of holding -20 degrees Fahrenheit and above.
  • Satellite technology that monitors trailer temperature and location; temperatures can be adjusted on-site or remotely .
  • Seal Guard locking systems for elevated cargo security.

We have the capability to haul food, perishables goods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals or anything that requires temperature-control, deep freeze, or protect from freeze.