IOR (Importer Of Record) and EOR (Exporter Of Record): Why do I need it?

Let’s we are going to talk about a very important subject that not everyone understands:

IOR (Importer Of Record) and EOR (Exporter Of Record)

IOR (Importer Of Record): Is a person or a company responsible for arranging everything legal related in an import operation on the country of importing. The IOR is also responsible for making all the payments of duties, tariffs, and fees of the imported goods. Essentially, it is the importer representative.

EOR (Exporter Of Record): The Exporter Of Record covers the same points as the IOR, but applied to Export instead of Import operations. The EOR is responsible for responding everything about an export operation to foreign destinations.

Why do I need an IOR or an EOR?

Since global logistics always involves more than one country, IOR and EOR exists to make sure that all process will happen with no problems with local legal points and taxes. It’s the guarantee that everything that happens out of schedule can be quickly be solved.

Other great advantages to working with IOR|EOR are:

  • Simplified shipment clearance process.
  • No cost to establish legal entities in foreign countries.
  • A transparent process that is fully compliant with all the Import laws of the importing countries including a document retention system in compliance with Import-Export regulations.

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