Temperature Control ( Pharma / Fresh Products ) Warehousing

Aargus Global Logistics maintains the temperature monitoring systems necessary to safely store and distribute pharmaceuticals / fresh products through systematic qualification and validation process.


Qualification: To ensure a warehouse, cooler, or trailer is compliant, it is qualified with a mapping study that uncovers areas prone to fluctuations outside approved temperature ranges. To determine realistic performance, this qualification test is done first when empty and again when stocked with product.


Monitoring: Warehouse space must also be continuously validated with regular temperature monitoring. Monitoring takes two forms: proactive and reactive measures. Proactive measures, such as guard band monitoring systems with alarms that sound when temperatures approach a specific benchmark and consistent data reporting, help identify potential problems. Reactive measures involve an ability to react quickly to unexpected crises, such as equipment failures or extreme weather events. Creating reciprocal contingency plans with area partners and establishing internal procedures for moving product before its compromised are examples of reactive measures in a warehouse setting.