Dear Mahesh

As you are aware we have had a significant project in India for ServiceNow in Bangalore and Mumbai.

I started working on this project in February with your team to figure out all the BIS options and EPR and white glove handling of the deliveries.

We still have more work to do but I wanted to reach out to you to thank you and your wonderful team for making all of this possible. In particular at this moment, I would like to tell you how vital to this mission Sandeep has been. His efforts at all hours of the day and night I not go unnoticed. He really lead the way with the India team with his overseeing ofi the project and attention to detail.

There were many layers to these shipments, I know. From the import, to insurance and warehousing and the white glove deliveries and through this all he was my reliable and steady partner, overcoming issues as they arose.

I thank you and special thanks and appreciation to Sandeep.

Cheers partner!

Amy Denzen
Sr VP Operations

Amy Denzen

I want to thankyou for your excellent service and expedient deliveries yesterday other Oxygen concentrator.
Everyone has praised they way you communicated and delivered the units.
Once again many thanks to both for the excellent service.

Gautam Ramchandani
Founder & CEO

Gautam Ramchandani

Thanks a ton to the entire team for the super awesome support and seemless hassle free process handling by the team in the import shipment handling.
Kiran | COO
Radiation Protection Solutions & Products


Outstanding work: they have become a trusted provider and we consider the work very high quality for an extremely fair price.


Please accept our cordial and profuse thanks for the hard work put in by you and your entire team behind this success.

Please share the sincere appreciation with entire team who are faceless but nonetheless very important.

Dear Mr. Trikha:Three CHEERS for leading such a blessed team.

Motazid JalilRanbaxy Labs Ltd